Threatened species

The balance of life on our planet is precious, and every year more and more threatened species hit the lists of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and other animal welfare groups. Beautiful creatures ranging from the black rhino to the white tail eagle and bald eagles are coming under threat, their numbers dwindling due to poaching, deforestation, global warming, and various other reasons.


bald eagles

Beautiful creatures ranging from the black rhino to the bald eagle are becoming threatened species.

In a recent report from September 2012, conservation experts and scientists from around the world pooled their resources to compile a list of the 100 most threatened species on the planet. Within this report were listed both animals, plants, and fungi – all species that are facing extinction.

One the primary concerns for scientists is that many of these threatened species will be left to die out, simply because they provide humans with no obvious benefits. The Tarzan Chameleon in Magagascar, and the Pigmy Three-Toed Sloth in Panama are two examples of such threatened species.

On the list, 41 per cent of the species are amphibian, 33 per cent are reef building corals, 25 per cent are mammals, 20 per cent are plants, and 13 per cent are birds. Many of these threatened species are essential for humans, and the planet, and their extinction would cause a natural imbalance in their respective ecosystems.

However, scientists also agree that the majority of the species on the planet have yet to be formally identified. As such, many more could be under threat that we are not even aware of.

Conservation and education is the key to the safety of many threatened species around the world. Many of the worlds problems are largely man made, such as global warming, and these are having a profound impact on various threatened species the world over. Coral reefs, for example, are crucial to their ecosystems, and yet are dying out at a significant rate due to rising sea temperatures brough on by global warming.

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